Buy Indian Act: Implementation Needs Improvement, Says GAO

Reposted from – Legal news and notes for small government contractors Published by Steven J. Koprince, Managing Partner, Koprince Law LLC July 14, 2015  The implementation of the Buy Indian Act set-aside program suffers from inconsistencies and uncertainties–including the fundamental question of whether Buy Indian Act set-asides are to be prioritized over other set-aside contracts. […]

A New TERO program for the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde

The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde (CTGR) enacted a Tribal Employment Rights (TERO) Ordinance on November 6, 2013. The TERO Ordinance asserts the Tribes sovereign rights to establish Indian and Tribal preference policy, a TERO program and a TERO Commission. The TERO Program is currently recruiting Tribal Member Owned and Indian Owned Businesses (IOB’s) from […]

What is Indian Preference?

When seeking opportunities within Tribal procurement and employment, it is fairly common to find the phrase “Indian Preference Applies”. For businesses and individuals first looking into working within Indian Country, this can be a surprising term. What does this mean? Is this legal? Indian preference is a unique legal right that tribal members have that […]

What is a Native Owned Business?

The Indian Incentive Program, Buy Indian Act, Native Owned certification, and Tribal and Indian Preference are several business certifications and programs that are uniquely available to individual Native, Tribal, and Alaska Native owned businesses. These certifications and programs are not as a result of ethnicity, but based on treaty rights, and the government to government […]

The Basics of Tribal Employment Rights Ordinances (TERO)

Within the past four decades, Tribal governments have made tremendous strides in identifying and protecting the rights, resources and opportunities of their people. Tribes are effectively exercising self-governance to protect their water, timber, hunting, fishing and gaming rights in order to garner maximum economic returns and opportunities from the use of their resources. This type […]

Visit to Pt Glenville, WA

In November 2012, the Native PTAC team went on a field trip to the Quinault Nation at Taholah, WA. We went to learn how the planning for  the Paddle to Quinault 2013 was going and how the Tribe could leverage their preparations into continuing economic development for the Tribe and its members. A Harrowing Journey […]